1 September 2023

SOC 2 for start ups as well as scale ups

The idea that your customers only want well-functioning software and a competitive price is equally outdated. The desire for certainty about information security is growing. If you cannot prove this as a supplier, your (new) customers will lose confidence in your services. And let trust be the basis for continuity and growth of your business, regardless of whether you are a start-up or a scale up.

The question is: can you demonstrate that your information security is in order?

Prove it with SOC 2

With a SOC 2 Type 2 report, based on guideline ISAE 3000, you can demonstrate that you have established adequate internal controls, meet internationally accepted standards for service organizations and that your systems are properly secured. You can also demonstrate with a SOC 2 report that the availability of your system meets requirements, that information is kept confidential and even that the privacy of natural persons in the systems is safeguarded. A SOC 2 is thus an accepted standard report, but can also be customized to your needs (and those of your customer)!

SOC 2 compliance for start-ups

We recently had the opportunity to help a fast-growing start-up. The growth of this company proceeded at such a rapid pace that the organization attracted a large American prospect. A good sign, but a SOC 2 assurance report became indispensable as a result. The potential customer wants assurance in the form of a (SOC 2) statement. Without a statement, business simply will not be done.

Demonstrate with a statement that your services are reliable and win the trust of potential customers.

SOC 2 compliance for scale-ups

Even for scale-ups, an assurance statement such as SOC 2 or ISAE 3402 is important.

One of our clients has been providing IT services for a long time and has built up a nice customer base. Of course, information security has always played a major role here, but in a rapidly changing IT landscape and tightening laws and regulations, they themselves came to us asking for a SOC 2 compliance statement. They know that with their (potential) customers the desire for assurance in the field of information security and control of systems and procedures is growing.

The way to give your customers this assurance is through an assurance report such as SOC 2.

Benefits SOC 2

  • The quality of the processes outsourced to you is guaranteed towards your customers.
  • You receive confirmation from an external party that your organization is well controlled.
  • It is no longer necessary for clients to send auditors to you.
  • Your organization is 'in control' and you communicate this to (new) customers.
  • You can limit the completion of RFIs for prospects by giving them access to your SOC2 report.
  • The process of obtaining a SOC2 statement helps your organization in the next step of internal control maturity.

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