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At 2-Control, we understand the importance of information security. With our IT audit services you learn to understand, advice and manage your business risks to improve your service quality and data flows through analytics.

Organizations using your services gain more assurance about the quality of your services. They can be confident that their data is secure, and that your systems are working effectively and efficiently.

Who is 2-Control?

2-Control was founded in 2006 as an IT audit company, because we saw a need for specialized knowledge about security and control around Dynamics Business Central. Meanwhile, 2-Control has grown into two separate companies: 2-Control and 2-Controlware with which we work side by side. 2-Control offers IT audit services for your information security. 2-Controlware focuses on developing and delivering authorization software.

We work from one building as one big team, but in the management we have made a split in services and software. Would you like to know more about 2-Controlware? Or are you looking for software solutions for your authorizations? Then check out the 2-Controlware website!

IT audit plan

An audit proceeds through the following four steps. Want a more comprehensive view of how an audit goes in your company? If so, contact us here or read it in this blog on our website.

Step 1. Pre-audit

Step 2. Taking measures

Step 3. Final audit

Step 4. Report


Our consulting services are designed to help and guide you through your internal control issues, information security, authorizations in Dynamics ERP and our own Software. Our services are tailored to your unique needs and challenges, and we strive to provide practical and effective solutions that add value to your organization.



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